Insurance Business Wynward Insurance continues to support broker identity network

Wynward Insurance continues to support broker identity network The Insurance Brokers Association of Canada (IBAC) announced earlier this week that Wynward Insurance has maintained its support of the Broker Identity Program (BIP) at the Full Partner level.

“By investing in the program, Wynward supports a campaign whose purpose is to raise awareness of the value of the insurance broker distribution network,” a statement from Wynward read.

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“Wynward remains fully committed to the broker distribution network,” said Wynward Insurance Group president and CEO Darryl Levy. “As a national insurer focused exclusively on the commercial property & casualty market, we place tremendous value on the expertise and advice that brokers provide to customers in an increasingly complex buying environment.”

“We are delighted that Wynward Insurance Group is remaining a Full Partner,” added IBAC CEO Peter Braid. “This renewed commitment to our branding program underscores the important role of insurance brokers in serving and advocating for consumers.”

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