Insurance Business SGI launches anti-drunk driving ad campaign

SGI launches anti-drunk driving ad campaign Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) recently launched its new ad campaign, aimed at warning the public about the dangers of impaired driving.

The ad, titled “Impaired driving impacts everything,” features 12 Saskatchewans whose lives were tragically cut short by impaired driving. In the ad, photos of the 12 victims, provided by families and friends, depicts the individuals enjoying a happy moment in their lives before they are slowly erased from their photos.

SGI media relations manager Tyler McMurchy said the campaign has touched many people since it began airing on television and social media last month.

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“Saskatchewan is small enough that so many people in our province seeing it will know someone in the video,” McMurchy told Huffington Post.

Over 600 people have been fatally involved and more than 4,000 were injured in impaired driving collisions in Saskatchewan over the last decade.

Although SGI ran a similar campaign last year, it had used stock photos. This year, it was decided that photos of real victims would be used. McMurchy revealed that SGI approached the families of real victims, asking them if they were willing to participate.

“When we talked to these families, they kept making one point: they wanted something good to come out of something so terrible.”

“I want to thank the families who came forward and agreed to share their stories,” SGI minister Joe Hargrave said in a statement.

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