Insurance Business Over 2,000 insurance claims filed following Saskatoon hailstorm

Over 2,000 insurance claims filed following Saskatoon hailstorm Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) reports that it has received about 2,200 claims for vehicle damage following a hailstorm that hit parts of Saskatoon last Friday.

Although the storm lasted only several minutes, some parts of the city were hit by hailstones the size of ping-pong balls. Smaller pellets dropped over downtown, while loonie-sized stones pelted the Willowgrove area.

“Generally, we’re not seeing a ton of windshield damage; it’s largely to the body of the car, that cosmetic damage,” SGI media relations manager Tyler McMurchy told CBC.

Aside from ruining windshields, the hail destroyed a number of gardens in Saskatoon. SGI reported that it received 300 property claims in relation to the inclement weather event.

According to McMurchy, SGI typically receives approximately 10,000 hail damage claims a year, with most of the claims relating to vehicles. The spokesperson also said that the insurer is expecting more claims to be filed as a result of the previous week’s storm.

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