Insurance Business Intact Insurance launches “my Driving Discount” in Alberta

Intact Insurance launches “my Driving Discount” in Alberta Intact Insurance has launched its “my Driving Discount” program in Alberta, which uses driving data collected by a mobile app to determine a personalized discount for customers based on their driving habits.

“This program encourages customers to improve their driving habits by offering them an opportunity to save money based on their good driving behaviour,” said Rosa Nelson, vice president of sales and business development, West. “More and more, safe drivers are looking for customized insurance programs that reward them for good habits on the road and my Driving Discount does exactly that.”

The program was initially launched in Ontario in 2013, and subsequently made available in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Quebec. It analyzes driving behaviour based on three factors: hard braking, rapid acceleration, and time of day.

Data is gathered through a mobile app for personal auto insurance customers, while commercial auto insurance customers receive an on-board diagnostic (OBD) device that connects to the OBD port in their vehicle.

Customers receive a one-time discount on their premium just by signing up for the program: 10% for personal auto insurance customers and 5% for commercial auto insurance customers. A personalized discount of up to 25% is introduced in their next renewal, following an assessment period of about nine months.