Insurance Business A quarter of Quebec homebuyers say they ran into issues after purchasing a property: Survey

A quarter of Quebec homebuyers say they ran into issues after purchasing a property: Survey A survey conducted on behalf of Allstate Insurance Company of Canada has revealed that about a quarter of Quebec homeowners said that they ran into issues with their properties after purchase; highlighting a legitimate concern for those looking to buy their first house.

Over half (56%) of those who said they ran into issues shortly after buying their property also admitted that they had to spend for repairs exceeding $1,500 total. Nearly a third (31%) of the homeowners said that they would go about things differently if they could redo the purchase.

While insurance could cover for most home issues, prevention is still the best cure. Allstate recommended that homeowners should thoroughly inspect their homes before and after purchasing the properties to check for any issues, no matter how minor. Pre-empting even the smallest faults, such as minor pipe leakage, damaged shingles, and faulty wiring could lead to less expense and a safer home.

The survey, prepared by Leger, also found that 58% of homeowners in Quebec say that they are planning to renovate in the coming year, with a third of the group (32%) additionally noting that the work will be mainly focused on aesthetic projects.

Allstate believes that while there is nothing wrong with updating a home’s looks to match the latest trends, maintenance of the property should still be top of mind for responsible homeowners.

“Picking out a wallpaper pattern is much more fun than having to remove it after-the-fact, so taking a step back to see if there are risks brewing under the surface and taking care of those first may help avoid a lot of headache and heartache,” said Allstate Canada regional claims director André Parra.

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