Insurance Business Politician accused of murder for insurance awaits new Canada trial date

Politician accused of murder for insurance awaits new Canada trial date The British Columbia Superior Court has issued a retrial for a former New Zealand councillor who has been charged with murdering his second wife to claim an insurance payout.

Peter Beckett, the ex-councillor of Napier City, was suspected of committing homicide to his second wife, Laura Letts-Beckett, seven years ago.

Ms. Beckett, a schoolteacher, perished on August 18, 2010, in what was originally reported as a boating accident and drowning on Upper Arrow Lake in Canada.

A year later after the incident, 60-year-old Peter Beckett was charged with murder. He was also charged with plotting to kill five potential trial witnesses – the parents of his late wife, a cousin, a lawyer, and a sergeant of the RCMP.

The Crown claims that Beckett murdered his wife to profit from inheritance insurance and their house.

The jury was unable to reach a verdict after seven days of deliberations. The case’s first trial ran from January to April last year.

Beckett claimed that the jury had been 11-1 in favor of acquittal after he had called the trail a “kangaroo court.”

Although a retrial had been scheduled to start this week, the court was expected to schedule a start date either this month or August, NZ Herald News reported.

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