Insurance Business Edmonton storm leads to numerous wind-damage reports

Edmonton storm leads to numerous wind-damage reports A windstorm that recently hit Edmonton has left the city with numerous reports of damage and other severe weather-related complications.

About 5,000 residents were left without power Wednesday afternoon as winds with speeds up to 77 km/h brought down power lines and caused other property damage.

“It’s almost entirely all wind,” said Epcor spokesperson Tim le Riche. “The high winds not only knock trees into the lines but the lines start to wave around, and then they start banging into each other and that pulls them off their connections or shorts them out.”

The level of damage caused by the storm felt unprecedented for locals, who are scrambling to file damage claims on their properties.

“It’s taken out everybody’s dock piers ... there’s debris all over the place,” Alberta Beach resident Jo-Anne Demers told CBC. “The waves are splashing up hard enough that they’re hitting our front windows. This will probably never happen ever again in our lifetime, thank God.”

Previously, the storm had lingered in the BC region, downing power lines and leaving 100,000 households in the dark without energy on Tuesday. The storm began creeping toward northern Alberta early Wednesday.

With the storm continuing its path east, Environment Canada advised Albertans to take extra precautions on the road and reminded homeowners to prepare for possible property damage.

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