Insurance Business Brokerage managers anticipated to experience strong pay growth in Ontario

Brokerage managers anticipated to experience strong pay growth in Ontario Insurance, considered one of the highest-paying industries in Ontario, is poised to experience strong job growth in the next five years – assuming the industry continues to pay its employees handsomely, a study found.

Economic data advisor Emsi prepared the report, based on the most promising job trends in Ontario. Data from the report came up with two lists: the jobs likely to see increased employment in five years, and the jobs most likely to pay the most in five years.

Under the second list (jobs most likely to pay the most), “insurance, real estate and financial brokerage managers” was ranked number five, having been beaten by “other professional engineers;” “railway traffic controllers and marine traffic regulators;” “urban and land use planners;” and “managers in publishing, motion pictures, broadcasting and performing arts;” in ascending order.

The top five in the first list (jobs likely to see increased employment) were “food counter attendants, kitchen helpers and related occupations;” “nurses aides, orderlies and patient service associates;” “early childhood educators and assistants;” “information systems analysts and consultants;” and “registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses,” in ascending order. Insurance careers did not make this list.

“In general, the updated lists reflects that the top earners in Ontario among growing occupations are managers, engineers, and IT professionals,” Emsi director of marketing, workforce & economic development Joshua Wright told Toronto Sun.

“Computer and information systems managers have the best combination of project job gains and high median wages,” Wright added.

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