Insurance Business New member organization joins The Co-operators

New member organization joins The Co-operators The Co-operators Group has announced that a new member, based in the food industry, has joined its insurance and financial services cooperative.

The St-Albert Cheese Co-operative is the latest member to be approved by the Board of Directors of The Co-operators; the company’s membership was made effective on March 24.

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“We are delighted to welcome the St-Albert Cheese Co-operative as our newest member,” said The Co-operators Board of Directors chairperson John Harvie. “We look forward to their participation in our democratic governance structure.”

“The St-Albert Cheese Co-operative is a strong organization with an unwavering commitment to co-operative principles. We will work with them to strengthen our mutually beneficial relationship in the years ahead,” The Co-operators president and CEO Rob Wesseling commented.

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“We are proud and feel privileged to be welcomed as a new member organization of The Co-operators,” St‑Albert Cheese Co-operative general manager Éric Lafontaine stated.

“St‑Albert Cheese Co-operative favours inter-cooperation in our practices and decisions, and we acknowledge and support the essential role that co-operatives have played in the past and will continue to play in the future,” Lafontaine added. “We believe that our partnership with The Co‑operators will enable us to mutually reinforce our co-operative influence as well as to develop our respective fields in the years to come.”

One of the oldest cooperatives in Canada, the St-Albert Cheese Co-operative was established in 1894. It has over 2,000 locations throughout Canada.

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