Insurance Business “It’s not a place for jerks or prima donnas.”

“It’s not a place for jerks or prima donnas.” Trisura was one of only a handful of insurers to be featured among Canada’s top 100 small to medium-sized employers list in 2017.

The nation’s contenders were judged on everything from workplace atmosphere to employee benefits to community involvement with the winners of Canada’s Top Small & Medium Employers were announced in the Globe & Mail this week.

Speaking about her company’s success, Cindy Grant, VP of Human Resources, said a start-up-like culture earned Trisura their spot.

“We won’t just hire for the sake of hiring,” she said. “Making sure we’re finding people that will really thrive in the culture we’ve created here is vital - it’s very entrepreneurial, very driven, it’s very much a team. Another thing is maintaining focus on the business, a very clear focus on the vision of the future and a very clear vision of the kind of company we’re trying to create here.”

In addition, she offered advice to other companies looking to attract the top talent.

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“Listen to your employees,” she suggested. “What changes do they want to see? We always have an open door policy. Our president and CEO, Mike George, always has one on one, fireside chats with every single person in the company, every single year.”

Grant explained part of their culture-strategy was what she dubbed a “no jerks” policy.

“It’s not a place for jerks or prima donnas, we are truly a team and we spend our effort in building the business together,” she said. “No matter if you’re in an underwriting position or in a functional group that’s supporting the business, everyone is a piece of making the team work together.”

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