Insurance Business IDC Worldsource reveals Quebec expansion plans

IDC Worldsource reveals Quebec expansion plans A Vancouver-based MGA is looking to develop its business activities in Quebec.

At a training event held on April 11, IDC Worldsource president Ron Madzia introduced his company to nearly 40 advisors present, announcing IDC’s intent to expand in the region.

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Madzia told The Insurance & Investment Journal in an interview that IDC plans to open new offices in Quebec “in response to the firm’s organic growth in the market.” It was four years ago when the firm acquired the practice of advisor Ivan M. Cons, who is currently managing director of IDC’s Quebec division. Madzia shared that IDC is looking forward to opening another office in downtown Montreal.

Notably, one of IDC’s strategies is to focus part of its business development toward ethnic Chinese communities across Canada’s major cities; in this regard, the company considers Montreal to be a significant market.

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Madzia highlighted that IDC values its partnership with its advisors.

“When we build our value proposition, we always emphasize that through the opportunities, systems, services and tools that we put in place for them, advisors can feel that IDC WIN is their home, and that they can relax and be productive in their home, as independent advisors,” he said.

“Being an independent advisor is a very lonely business. We make a lot of effort to educate advisors, as we are doing at this event, and do a lot of things to recognize them.”

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