Insurance Business Drone company’s business expands into crop insurance

Drone company’s business expands into crop insurance A company that operates drones in Bermuda could drastically disrupt the crop insurance sector in Canada with its innovative solution.

Bermuda Aerial Media, which launched its sister company Skymatics in Calgary two years ago, has announced that it is now offering its drone expertise to the agricultural insurance sector in more than 15 countries worldwide.

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“We originally started doing aerial mapping for construction and oil and gas companies and we did a lot of work involving agricultural imaging too,” Bermuda Aerial Media co-founder E.J. Burrows told The Royal Gazette. “It’s come full circle — we’re developing imaging analysis software so farmers can take their own drones and map their fields.”

The company’s drone software can be used to gauge crop damage – a feature that both farmers and crop insurers can appreciate.

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“If a tornado or a storm hits the fields, the software automatically calculates the damage and calculates the amount, which is supplied to the insurer,” Burrows explained.

The Royal Gazette reported that Canada-based Skymatics currently offers the software. Burrows revealed that, to date, Skymatics has partnered with about seven companies on the crop analytics solution. He also said that he has plans to offer the technology back in Bermuda and possibly to diversify the parent company’s business beyond taking aerial images.

“We’re hoping to bring back some of the more technical services to Bermuda and do a rebranding and expansion in Bermuda as well,” he stated.

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