Insurance Business Broker highlights where United Airlines went wrong

Broker highlights where United Airlines went wrong She has over a decade of experience at Jones DesLauriers, specializing in professional and executive liabilities in technology as well as in social media. Yet some events can still come as a surprise.

Partner and broker Dina Godinho said the recent United Airlines debacle was a lesson in risk mitigation for executives, given their press release’s reception online.

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“The press release could have been written in a more positive, customer forward, type response and maybe it wouldn’t have caused their stock to tank by $1 billion the next day,” Godinho said, clarifying that she was speculating.

“Within your risk mitigation portfolio, having a good PR firm that will stand behind you to try and mitigate the impact on your revenue is key. I think that’s a great example of something that could have been handled a little bit better.”

One of Godinho’s major accomplishments at Jones DesLauriers was taking a leadership role in developing a tech-focused policy called TechAssurance.

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“When I was working in the field I started in technology and was one of the first to focus on tech customers,” she explained. “There was a need for specific coverages that just weren’t available in the market at the time. Having dedicated underwriters who really understood the clients’ need was key. So we went to a London broker and said ‘this is what we’re looking for, could you help us find a syndicate that would be interested in backing us, here’s the size of my clients and can we get someone to support that?’” Godinho said.

“They (the syndicate) were happy to do so and they hadn’t been approached by a broker before to have something set up. So we were one of the founders to get that done. Ever since then it’s been a success. My success is my clients’ success.”

Godinho advised people just starting out in the insurance industry that though the job is demanding, the reward is worth it.

“It is a very lucrative business, it’s got its challenges, but at the same time it’s a need that everyone will require in the future. It’s not something that will be replaced by technology. At the end of the day everyone will need insurance,” Godinho said.

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