Insurance Business RSA joins Women’s Day with special event

RSA joins Women’s Day with special event To commemorate the celebration of International Women’s Day yesterday, the RSA Group held an event that sought to inspire women to take bold steps in their careers.

Called “YamJam,” RSA’s event involved various role models from Canada, Scandinavia, and the UK sharing their work experiences over enterprise social networking service Yammer. The session was open to all across the RSA Group.

“The boldest thing I’ve done for my career was to leave my home town (Québec City) to work and live in an English environment,” RSA Quebec vice-president of personal insurance Louise LeRoux shared during the event. “In 1992, I left Québec City with the only three English words I knew - yes, no and maybe! I got a job at the London Life company in London, Ontario, and worked with a group of 35 customer service representatives where none of them knew French, or perhaps three words of French - oui, non et peut-être.”

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Aside from work experience testimonials, the event saw advice being dispensed to those just about to start their careers. Conversations on the benefits of membership were also featured.

“RSA’s vision is to build more gender balance across all levels of the organisation and thereby create a more inclusive culture which attracts, encourages and capitalises on diverse perspectives, establishing a stronger foundation for RSA’s financial success,” said RSA HR senior vice-president Mark Edgar. “Our plan to support our women in the workforce includes offering talent development opportunities and mentoring.

“Embracing diversity and engaging our employees is the strategic vision for RSA’s recent partnership with the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion (CCDI),” added RSA vice-president of talent Michael McGuire. “Our partnership with CCDI will help us address diversity, equity and inclusion and promote RSA in the external marketplace as an organization committed to diversity and inclusion.”

A release noted that RSA Canada has also recently partnered with the Rotman Institute “to promote gender balance in RSA leadership.”

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