Insurance Business Desjardins launches innovation lab, new mobile office

Desjardins launches innovation lab, new mobile office During an annual general meeting last Saturday, Desjardins Group President and CEO Guy Cormier confirmed that the company will open a new mobile branch and an innovation lab.

Cormier outlined Desjardins’ most recent achievements in a speech delivered during the event and later revealed the company’s new developments.

The upcoming mobile branch, created to serve eastern Quebec, will be built after a pilot project. The previous project involved converting a second-hand Novabus into a fully-operational service location.

Cormier also announced the opening of a second innovation lab in Lévis; Desjardins opened its first lab in Montreal last year. The first lab was created in partnership with Hacking Health and InnoCité; MTL. Both labs will help the company develop, test, and analyze applications through a series of collaborations between members of the group and clients.

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On top of the two new locations, Cormier also brought up the nationwide launch of Alert – Desjardins’ home insurance program that provides consumers with a water leak detector device.

“These cutting-edge solutions aren’t coming out in 10 years, they’re here now,” he said during the event.

The executive is proud of his company’s drive for innovation, and hopes that despite the increase in tech usage, Desjardins will continue to attract top talent.

“In five years, 10 years, 15 years, our members will still want to talk to flesh and blood men and women who work in our caisses, our Desjardins Business centres, at Desjardins Securities, or at one of our insurers,” he explained. “Talk to competent people who want to provide high-quality service.”

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